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I am pleased at long last to publish the electronic edition of Eretz Israel God's Land & Israel's Inheritance (formerly The Land of Jehovah and the Inheritance of Israel). This work by AustenD is a set of notes about sites in Israel. It references scores of important sites in the Biblical land of Israel.

Each site has sections that include: Location, Biblical Records (the majority of significant mentions of that site in the Bible), Archaeology (a brief synopsis of archaeologically significant material relating to that site), Occupation History (which archaeological time periods were active at that site), Excavation History (significant archaeological digs at that site), Discoveries (certain important archaeological discoveries at that site), and Noteworthy Things. It has an exhaustive index as well as other useful features including a brief chart of archaeological time periods, a list of selected important dates in Israel's history, a glossary of terms, and maps.

It is a useful companion for anyone visiting the state of Israel. It is also quite useful for anyone wishing a better understanding of Biblical places. It is a  practical, concise source of information on many Biblical sites in Israel. It certainly is not an exhaustive scholarly work, but it's greatest strength is the great amount of information in one quick and easy reference work. Hopefully, its contents will encourage the Bible Student to pursue other sources of information on the material he or she is exposed to in this work.

You can download a personal digital copy of this free Israel guide book reference, Eretz Israel God's Land & Israel's Inheritance, below12/8/14 Update: link fixed.

There is a PDF of the printable edition also available. The print edition is formatted to be easily printed, cut, assembled and bound at a printing store without additional formatting changes required. The print-formatted edition is available by email request only. Please send email requests for the print edition to: 

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